LETRS: An Arkansas-approved
proficiency credential prescribed pathway


To ensure teachers meet the Right to Read Act requirement, the Arkansas Department of Education established pathways for teachers who must demonstrate Proficiency or Awareness in scientific reading instruction. LETRS® (Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling) is incorporated in pathways B and N.

To satisfy Phase I of Pathway N, educators can complete LETRS Units 1-6 with online, print, and classroom activities in a self-paced environment. This content can be accessed anywhere at any time. The content is evidence-based, relevant, and engaging. School districts and/or school buildings may want to add face-to-face training to reinforce the material they are learning in a collaborative environment.

How to fulfill Pathway N Phase 1


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LETRS has been an essential foundational component in RISE Arkansas, our statewide reading initiative. The state has embraced the Science of Reading and is pleased to continue our partnership with LETRS by approving this professional learning opportunity as a Science of Reading pathway for our teachers.”

— Stacy Smith
Assistant Commissioner
Arkansas Department of Education, Division of Learning Services


Research and Resources

Watch the Webinar: The Truth About Dyslexia: Myths vs. Facts
Dr. Louisa Moats, author and nationally recognized literacy expert, addresses issues such as the definition of dyslexia, appropriate criteria for identification, teacher preparation, and selection and use of instructional approaches.

Read the Report: Educator Outcomes Associated with Implementation of Mississippi's K–3 Early Literacy Professional Development Initiative (Folsom, Smith, Burk, & Oakley, 2017) conducted by the Regional Educational Laboratory of the Southeast.

LETRS Data Sheet
LETRS Research Base by Dr. Louisa Moats
LETRS Further Study

LETRS provides educators with an in-depth understanding of the science behind teaching literacy, and gives them the background and depth of knowledge to teach language and literacy skills to every student. LETRS has helped more than 100,000 educators improve their literacy instruction and is the most respected, comprehensive professional development course for instructors of reading, spelling, and related language skills. Arkansas has joined a growing list of states that have endorsed LETRS.

Each unit in LETRS is self-paced and takes approximately, 10-16 hours to complete. For teachers seeking to fulfill the requirements for their proficiency credential, LETRS meets both the content and time requirements of Pathway I of N.

Watch: LETRS with Coauthors Louisa Moats and Carol Tolman

What content will you be learning in each unit of LETRS?


Flexible purchase, delivery, and implementation models, with a self- paced online component. LETRS meets educators where they are in terms of resources and options, and can be used with any quality literacy program in use.

Based on Strong Research with a Focus on Language

LETRS has more than a decade of demonstrated success in schools and districts across the US, and fills the gaps in language structure and language development that were not taught in teacher preparation courses.

Detailed Reporting for Accountability**

LETRS gives participants and administrators the ability to measure participation and knowledge gains.

**Only available through the online platform.

Integrated Bridge to Practice Exercises**

The exercises within LETRS are designed to bolster transference of knowledge to classroom practice.

**Only available through the online platform.

Embedded Video Modeling of Instruction**

Embedded video demonstrates how to deliver effective instruction so teachers understand how to apply concepts to classroom practice.

**Only available through the online platform.

“Teaching reading to a student who does not learn easily or naturally is a complex and challenging professional enterprise that requires deep knowledge of content, of the cognitive and language factors that shape student learning, and of pedagogical detail.”

— Dr. Louisa Moats
Renowned Literacy Expert and Author of LETRS

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